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Join this 2.5 hour visit for lifetime freedom to be arisen in the nature and culture of genuine Sri Lanka Village. Your driver will get from lodging and drive by a Tuk to Ehhelagala Village, a lovely country region in Sigiriya city. Visit start with a Bullock truck ride close to the town lake and at there you will encounter a Catamaran boat ride to the following side of the country town. After short stroll inside the paddy fields and vegetable development you can arrive at town house. At the town house, one town lady show you cooking exhibit on conventional Sri Lankan cooking. Then, at that point, you can unwind and taste a flavorful Sri Lankan Lunch or Snacks. Then, at that point, take a tuk ride to visit start point or to your inn.

What to expect:

Complete tour package includes a Bullock cart ride, Catamaran Boat Ride, Visit a Village House, Cooking demonstration at village house, see farmers vegetable cultivation, have a local lunch or Snacks and Take a Tuk tuk Ride.

Sigiriya Village Tour Tour Plan

Hotel Pickup/Drop off by Tuk Tuk

Your driver will get from halfway found Sigiriya, Dambulla or Kandalama inn and drive by a tuk to visit start point. At the point when you visit the incomparable ‘Sigiriya rock’ A fortification that stand up in the ferocity. Where sometime in the distant past, a tasteful ruler constructed his hideway to lead his realm. Indeed, even today – Sigiriya stands like a sentinel in the sky. your experience starts the town called ‘Ehelagala’, a wonderful country region in Sigiriya city. Tuk move allows you a decent opportunity to encounter the normal breeze and take photographs of the attractions close by the street.


Bullock cart ride

Bullock truck is the main vehicle in Sri lanka. In the past once popular method of transport of nearby sovereignty. Today this vehicle have become organizing between the over a wide span of time.

Generally this 2.5 hour journey starts with a Bullock Cart Ride to Ehelagala through unbeaten town tracks. It contiguous the incomparable ‘Sigiriya rock’. You can ride the bullock truck in rock way turns into the residue, red soil of a bund. There are 2 Bulls hauling the truck and ride keep going long from 15 minutes.

You can see a few creatures and birds , in the wilderness. Somewhere far off and the apparently unending territory of cool, cool green. Wander along the verdant bank of the beautiful ehelagala for a really fulfilling birding experience. Rides closes close to the Lake.

Catamaran Boat ride

Sailboat Boat Ride happens on the Ehelagala lake. You will voyage respecting the astonishing perspectives other than the lake which is additionally neglecting the Sigiriya and Pidurangala rocks. That was an astounding view. We always remembered to take some photographs of that wonderful view. Simultaneously, we saw not many Sri Lankan birds were perched on the trees and branches.

Assuming that you are keen on, you can likewise get together with the Boatman and assist with excursion paddling the boat. While the sailboat ride boatman culled both new lotus blossoms and lotus leaves from the lake, you may astound with his craftsmanship and inventiveness. Subsequent to seeing lotus wreaths and pleasant caps of lotus leaves we were particularly dazzled. With a decent cherishing grin, he put those caps on noble man heads and a lovely jewelry around women neck. Toward the finish of the Tour Boat will moor by the little town on the opposite side of the shore.


Village House Cooking demonstration

You can notice a customary every day live of a genuine town house. Ought not miss a visit to the paddy field, See a nursery where endemic vegetable developed. Climb the tree house close to the paddy field where ranchers dozes around evening time and attempt to keep animals from the paddy.

One town lady who dons redda and hatte (Traditional dress of Sri Lanka) , energetically welcomed us with a decent grin saying,

She gave you a thirty minutes cooking exhibition on customary Sri Lankan cooking. You can likewise perceive how a town lady cook a customary supper or a roti. She Shows how to make a rooftop out of coconut leaves and how to utilize kulla and mirisgala to isolate rice seeds from the husks and straw. You can likewise attempt those things. You can partake in a straightforward conventional feast ready by a town lady the utilizing the Farmer’s hand-picked vegetables from the plot.

Local Lunch or Snack

Your lunch was served in a buffet style, rice with 5-6 traditionally cooked Sri Lankan curries and fresh fried fish in clay pots. Remarkable experience is lunch served on top of clean lotus leaves. After having your delicious Sri Lankan lunch you can spent your time over there. 


Visit vegetable cultivation

You can visit vegetable cultivation, climb up to coconut tree, climb up to gaurd house. After you will be drop off to hotel by Tuk tuk.

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